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Posted on March 20, 2015

Metal Finishing: Current Trends

Whether it is a home kitchen which sports all of the stainless steel appliances typically discovered in a 5-star restaurant, or master bathroom that features gorgeous brushed nickel hardware, metals are quickly becoming a popular design product within the home. The exploding trend is being felt in baths and kitchens, two of the top rooms of a home.

Popular Metal Trends
Metal colors will be popular in cycles. Within the 70’s antique brass was the “in” thing. In the 80’s bright brass included the trend. Within the 90’s the metals utilized in residences were silver in color, either satin nickel, pewter, or black nickel. Blending gold and silver has been a trend recently for bathroom hardware and faucets. Currently the metal colors are warmer. We’re seeing orange and brown tones in rust, antique copper, and bronze.

Blending metals like gold and chrome or brass with pewter is an expanding trend. Most color professionals think the mixture of metals will create more warmth and excitement. Also, there is a shift on the market away from silver toward warmer metals like copper, bronze, and gold.
There’s more interest in utilizing metals as design accents within residences. Metals are discovered on interior finishes within more areas than before. Accent bronze or copper wall tiles are being combined with metal countertops, ceramic tiles, and backsplashes are now being used. Metal hardware which was hidden in the past now is coming to the forefront and has returned with a marked enthusiasm. Pulls are more the concentration than wood in cabinetry. Metal rings and rods in window coverings are more the concentration than the fabric. One trend in adding metal into homes and buildings includes giving moldings and window trim a metallic finish, and change them from mundane trim to amazing trim.

Copper traditionally was used for roofs, particularly on guttering, bay windows, and building exterior light fixtures. They typically appear green because of the weathering process. Copper’s interior uses were in the kitchen providing an old world appearance through stove vent hoods, tea kettles, and pot racks. Copper’s use provides a vintage feel as it was extensively used in the 1900’s.

The usage of metals is reflecting the need for endurance and value in the home. Also, the popularity of metal items will come from the truth that they’re being made in more designs now than ever before, creating a marketplace for the ones wanting the latest trends. Metal finishes are obtainable for additional materials, commonly wood or vinyl, so that a metal appearance may be feasibly achieved, without adding a lot of weight or cost to a project. Metal finishes were refined so they’re low maintenance and durable. Added to this the truth that they’re inherently flame resistant, those properties make them a simple finish to specify.

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