Powder Coating

Full array of custom powder coating for jobs of all sizes.

We pride ourselves on giving your part a high quality, durable powder coat finish that resist scratches, corrosion, and abrasion.

Large oven capacity

Our 8’x8’x28’ paint booth and oven allows us to finish products from large-scale fabrication pieces to small residential pieces.

Custom processes

We have multiple surface prep processes available, which ensures maximum adhesion and will extend the duration of the finished product.

More storage space

At our facility, we have extra storage space to stock large quantities of customer product for a scheduled release.

Generations of experience

Family owned and operated since our beginning in 1987.

Custom Cleaning & Prep

Burton Metal offers powder coating in multiple finishes in an unlimited color palette, but our differentiating factor is our approach to parts preparation. The base metal must be properly treated with a chemical primer to ensure a long lasting beautiful finish and maximum adherence. Most powder coating companies do not provide this critically needed treatment, which forces them to outsource. Because we offer this process in-house, Burton Metal can provide a more cost effective, faster solution for your powder coating needs while giving you the top quality finish you are looking for.

We pride ourselves in giving your products high quality, durable finishes that resist scratches, corrosion, abrasion, household chemicals, and detergents. Whether it’s fencing or patio furniture, car parts or custom machinery, don’t trust your powder coating project to anyone but the best in the industry, Burton Metal Finishing.

“Powder Coating is more than just painting metal.

It’s an art form. It’s my art form.”

–Nathan Burton, Powder Coating Supervisor

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Trusted Powder Coating services for several national brands.


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